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Bernie Worrell's last project has seen the light of day

Khu.éex' released the album "WOOch", which they recorded in 2016.

Bernie Worrell is a legendary pianist and keyboard player best known for his work with Parliamen-Funkadelic and many other projects of Georg Clinton's p-funk empire. His original way of playing was captured in documentaries and many musical studies, and Bernie himself was in demand by many musicians who wanted to add his magic to their music.

Worrell also worked extensively on his own solo projects and bands in which he broadened the horizons of his music. One of such projects was the band Khu.éex', in which the keyboardist along with Preston Singletary decided to fuse funk and indigenous Alaska Native music.

The band started recording in March 2016 and they were so fertile that they created material for 4 albums! Before everything was completed, however, the plans were thwarted by Bernie Worrell's illness and his death in June 2016. But, the musicians involved in the project decided to give the world those recordings that turned out to be Worrell's last major project.

“We worked really hard to make this album be at the level which Bernie deserves and something he would be proud of.” – says guitarist Captain Raab.

New album titled WOOh, it's two hours of music that spans from funk to spiritual jazz and even elements of film music.

Currently, you can listen to the album on Bandcamp and you can bay it on vinyl, on the band's website.


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